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That’ll be all they’ll write about in the paper tomorrow. Jared Leto asks fans to blow him at apple store. Stunned guests leave purchasing iPhones, iPads and logging directly onto tumblr, for some fanfiction. The first time in 3 year history the iTunes store where babies were conceived immaculately, in the lobby of the building.

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Happy 44th Birthday Shannon Leto!  [9.03]

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Happy 29th Birthday Jeremy Davis!

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Thirty Seconds to Mars flashmob Birkelunden, Norway (x)

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Beautiful Moments of 2013

Thanks to all of these amazing people/bands this year have been one of my bests. They really made it spacial. I made this post because I thought it’s the best way to show you my year, these special moments, but also as reminder to me that it really was a good year. Don’t make anything stop you from making your dreams real, and just do everything you can to make them happen.
All pictures and videos taken by me, and yes, on 5th gif its Hayley. I really decided on paramore to just let it go and have fun, don’t record, but I left with that little blurred short video, when she came down to us during fast in my car.

Also I’d like to thank all of you for being here, for talking to me, for nice words for everything.

Lana Del Rey . IAMX . Pramore. Thirty Seconds to Mars . Hurts
Thank you xoxo Happy new year!

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Happy 25th Birthday Hayley Williams! [27.12]

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Happy 42nd Birthday Jared Leto! [26.12]

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